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Welcome to our
Maison de Pillars Curated Goods

"Home of the freshest roasted coffee you can buy online."

Roasted the same day that it is shipped, our curated artisanal specialty Coffees come in a wide variety of fun fascinating flavors. Beans hand-picked and harvested from some of the world's most exotic remote locations, our premium Maison de Pillars Classic-Themed Coffees™ are much more than simply delicious..they are somewhat of a transcendent pleasure to experience.

They make the perfect holiday gift for friends, family, and loved ones who, like many of us, are consummate coffee connoisseurs.

Curated Goods for The Coffee Consumer

At Maison de Pillars, we celebrate, live, and 

love sharing our passion for global food &  cultural immersion. It is this love for global culture which drives our choice for variegated food related products and offerings. As global citizens and world travelers we look forward to meeting and connecting with customers, communities, and peoples from all over the world, with the hope of creating real life-long meaningful impacts all across the planet.

To our friends and family we say "Hello"..and to new comers we say "Welcome, so happy to have you stop by"....

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