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Maison de Pillars- 1870 Victorian Georgi
Maison de Pillars- Veranda during Winter
Maison de Pillars- Veranda during Summer and Fall
Maison de Pillars- New Front Porch-2 Clear pic
Maison de pillars Front entrance New-1
Maison de pillars front entrance wide shot-1
Maison de Pillars: 1870 Victorian Georgian Mansion
Maison de Pillars: 1870 Victorian Georgian Mansion
Maison de Pillars: Prometheus Worley and Family in Parlor
Maison de Pillars Wine Tasting Room
Maison de Pillars- Family Room pic-10
Maison de Pillars- Dining Room Photograph-2
Maison de Pillars -Renoir inspired dining room.
Maison de Pillars- Stairway looking down
Maison de Pillars -2nd floor Rubens inspired hallway
Maison de Pillars -Backyard Pergola Area-1 Resized
Maison de Pillars- Backyard Pergola Area-5 New Resized

"History takes time. History makes memory."  -Gertrude Stein



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Welcome to Maison de Pillars
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Maison de Pillars (formerly known as The Pillars of Plainfield Bed & Breakfast Inn ) is a beautifully restored 1870 Victorian-Georgian mansion located on a secluded picturesque acre of tall Northern Red Oak and Royal Empress trees. Built during the time when fascinating events were occurring all around the world, this historical edifice witnessed many of its own historical dramas occur state-side as well. Teeming with an array of beautiful creatures ranging from Blue Jays, Red Cardinals, Woodpeckers, and Hawks, to Ground Hogs, Rabbits, Squirrels, numerous Deer, and Raccoon's (depending on the season), the grounds support an abundance of various wildlife species year-round. Constructed during the 2nd French Empire (architecture developed from the redevelopment of Paris under Napoleon III's Second Empire), this hidden gem is situated in the Van Wyck Brooks Historic District of Plainfield.

Maison de Pillars.jpg
Maison de Pillars- Napolean III and Empr
Maison de Pillars- QueenVictoria.jpg
Maison de Pillars

The bitter dust of animosity had yet to settle from the ravages of Civil War here on this divided north American continent, when the first brick was laid for this post civil war edifice.....

Napoleon III & Empress Eugenie

Manet, Monet, Renoir, Degas, Caillebot,  Gauguin, Morissot as well as countless modern fashionista's have these two larger than life personalities to thank for revolutionizing the worlds of Art & Fashion...

Queen Victoria

No other person in history has been so synonymous with age as Queen Victoria....for that very age has given us some of history's greatest modern advances both within industry and English literature.....

Une historie de grandeur
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